For many years the most irritating sound of the day for me was the screeching sound of my alarm clock, and then of course the three, sometimes four “snooze” alarms that followed. I can’t tell you how many times I would awake with the thought – Damnit, it’s morning already!

However, times have changed!
I have finally lived long enough to truly enjoy the sound of an alarm clock each day. . . it has become one of my favorite sounds! Why? Cause it means I’m still here and that’s a good thing 🙂

Time management is a big deal when we’re young, raising families, working full time, trying to be a great mom, run the household and get the kids to the soccer games, swimming pool and still get your hair cut and nails done.

Seems the longer we live the less we pay attention to time; yet that might be just the opposite of what we should be thinking. None of us are getting outta here alive! Now might be a good time to start taking advantage of every minute we have. . . does that mean we have to be running around checking things off our to do list, and making sure the dishes are done!

If not, then what does it mean?  Perhaps now is a good time to really enjoy those things that you have lived long enough to do. . . like spending an hour in the hot tub – mostly because I’m do dang sore to get out 🙂 or maybe spending more time with friends, AND maybe making a few new ones? How about learning a new sport, or reading a good book, or going to a movie in the middle of the day! Or maybe just taking a really long walk with your favorite person, mate or spouse? OR dog too 🙂

Tomorrow might not happen . . . it’s a gamble!  Yesterday is history. . . and today might be your best bet. . . so don’t screw it up 🙂 When I was 30 years old all I wanted to do was make a lot of money because I was certain that would define my success, and I did. When I was 40 all I wanted to do was live long enough to see my son graduate from high school, and I did. When I was 50 all I wanted to do was be 30 AGAIN! Now that was stupid! When I turned 60 I thought – dang, there’s no game plan for this – I didn’t think I would live this long!

So it really is all about time. . . use it or lose it 🙂  I’m gonna make the best of my time!!





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