Pace Yourself. . .

I am a firm believer in pacing yourself. . . fitness is a life time excursion! I don’t encourage the “weekend warrior” approach, been there – done that, and spent weeks, sometimes months trying to recover from my fitness stupidity on the weekend. If age has done anything for me, each decade has made me more respectful of what I should or should not do just because I can 🙂

Lots of clients, friends and family have said “you must love to workout – you’re so physically fit and always in the gym”.  Sure there’s absolutely a bunch of truth in that, but quite honestly, I truly enjoy the social aspects of working out with a small group or riding my bike with fellow cyclists, and actively participating in lots of sports, more so than being able to say I did 200 push ups in the gym.

I make time for fitness training in my day so I can do all the other activities like playing tennis, pickleball, golf and hiking without injury!

Wasn’t Always That Way . . .

Many years ago I fell victim to low back pain, and through nearly fifteen years of doctor visits, heating pads, Advil and physical therapy I had little or no relief.  I couldn’t even play golf at one point because it was just not fun – not sure golf is really ever fun, but let’s just say it was REALLY not fun.

So I went on an internet quest to learn what I could do to help my situation. I discovered that nearly all of my back pain was due to “muscle imbalances” AND it likely could be fixed through careful, methodical stretching and muscle strengthening exercises to correct these imbalances. And so I began, a focused program of stretching, foam rolling, and exercising to relief my nagging back issues.  That was nearly 12 years ago – and I am still pain free today!